Aninag (D’ Anothers) First Gig at RIDE & ROLL Xavierville – Imagination (Yummy! Instant Mommy)

Aninag (formerly D’ Anothers) (aka Bert Ong and the OTHERS band) SONG: Imagination – Yummy! Instant Mommy (Bert Ong) first ever gig at RIDE AND ROLL XAVIERVILLE. January 24, 2009 Thanks to Paula Fucoy for this VID! hahaha I owe you loveeeeeeeeee =) =) Kudos to the other bands that played at the event. specially to the VERBAKAMA and VERBACOMA =) one more! sa kublais! ahahaha Members: Guitars/Vocals – Bert Ong Keyboards/Vocals – Chris Graham Lead Guitars – Andrei “yano” Soriano Bass Guitars – Ralph Aguinaldo Drums/Backing – Ralph “RDG” De Guzman Please Leave Comments =) watch out for the UPCOMING EP of D’ Anothers! :)

Cover of First of Summer. Only the first part.. :) @ the Hardrock Cafe.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. kibohead says:

    mabuhay ka ralph!!! isa kang dios. hahaha! more power to you guys. kita kits sa gig pagbalik namin.

    -jack(nimbus crowd)

  2. chuckh0le says:


    aninag! good job guys! next gig na ulit! =)

  3. R2theDG says:

    let’s goooooooooooooo

    D’ Aninagz!!! ahahahaha

  4. steelguitarista says:

    D’ Aninagz! :P

  5. R2theDG says:

    hey leigh!

    yeah, I was also pretty amazed with how clear the sound of the video was. even though the vocals wasnt very clear *PA was very weak*. thanks again :)


  6. leighmusician says:


    Despite the lack of lighting…the audio quality of this video is pretty good!

    - Leigh

  7. rhyanski15 says:


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