Muffin Top Melting Workout for Busy Mum Beginners

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This cam is located at Audubon Californias Starr Ranch Sanctuary: Mom chows down on a rat freshly delivered by dad who of course gets a quickie in as a thank you. What a PIG! LOL There are still I think 6 eggs and may be due to hatch around the 18th – 20th!Starr Ranch is a 4000 acre Audubon California sanctuary in southeast Orange County, California. Our mission is to stimulate, coordinate, and perform scientific research on the biology and conservation of the unusual Mediterranean climate ecosystems at Starr Ranch and to extend our science to the local community in the form of unique education programs and conservation activism. For more information on Starr Ranch, visit our Web site at www.starr-ranch.org


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  1. busymumsfitness says:

    I would do it every other day to allow time for muscle recovery

  2. MamiiTanLindaa says:

    do this workout everyday or everyother day?

  3. marumariful says:

    I was browsing muffin top workouts..and this is the best I found! Thank you, added to my favorites!

  4. busymumsfitness says:

    Hi, This does work. You will see differences within a month.

  5. realweightsolution says:

    how fast does this work?? does it work?

  6. GummyBear4234 says:

    This looks easy but I did it and let me tell you.. I can feel the burn. I will definatly have to keep using this. Thanks.

  7. lsoph9 says:

    we think egg #1 hatched today but we have not been able to see it yet…can hear it though…made a video check it out.

  8. IKnowAliensROutThere says:

    the white thing at 1:05 took awhile to bite down on

  9. IKnowAliensROutThere says:

    when the chicks are born i hope they are happy and healthy :D

  10. lsoph9 says:

    yep the owl serves a purpose in rodent control….

  11. IKnowAliensROutThere says:

    yep =P if owls werent here, this whole world would be covered with rats,mice,voles,moles, and more

  12. lsoph9 says:

    I warned you about being graphic….it is about nature isn’t it? No censoring here….;-)

  13. IKnowAliensROutThere says:

    Umm-Yum! it looks like she was ripping out the organs of the rat o_O it was a little to graphic

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