Valentine’s Day Season 2009 Marks the “Masses” Debut of Kelley Hart Creations

Valentine’s Day Season 2009 Marks the “Masses” Debut of Kelley Hart Creations®

San Pedro, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2009

Kelley Hart is the Mom you wish you had growing up. You know the one who always had yummy home-baked cookies on hand or invited you over for those impromptu craft parties at the kitchen table. She’s the Mom in the neighborhood known for her hand sewn cute vintage kid’s clothes and always having a creative idea up her sleeve for holiday parties.

Kelley Hart Creations® (KHC), a San Pedro, California-based vintage children’s clothing company specializing in hand-crafted clothes and accessories for infants & toddlers, http://www.kelleyhart.com, joins the ranks of the national home lifestyle brands Carolyne Roehm, Rachel Ray, and Martha Stewart. Take Susie homemaker meets Lilly Pulitzer in designer children’s clothes. Hart’s hand sewn creations are spun from vintage table cloths, pillow cases, cotton, fleece, flannel, or velveteen threads. KHC clothing leads her brand but throw in gardening, children’s holiday theme parties and delicious sugar cookie recipes and you have a charming, authentic lifestyle brand sure to capture your heart and pocketbook!

Kelley Hart Creations® is no longer a best kept secret after eight years. Valentine’s Day season 2009 marks the “masses” debut of her vintage clothing line featuring her LOVE HOODIEs, http://www.kelleyhart.com/kh_webstore/kh_love-hoodie.html. This classic, 100% cotton all-purpose zipped sweatshirt, is embellished with a LOVE (appliqué) and comes in black or pink ranging from $ 44 – $ 48 depending on size. Even though affluent Moms and Grandmothers have been buying her clothes in droves for eight years through local and regional expos, home spun craft shows, her website, and an engaging lifestyle blog, http://hart2heart.typepad.com, she’s ready to expose her adored brand to the masses. “I know I’ve been under the radar in the South Bay (region of Los Angeles) for years, but I’m ready to share my unique style and passion with a wider audience. I can’t wait!” says Hart.

As a solopreneur, Hart’s home-based studio transforms vintage table cloths into adorable sundresses and skirts while authentic hand embroidered antique pillow cases become one-of-a-kind peasant blouses. And, KHC’s signature gingham peasant styles are very popular among her affluent female market looking for a unique statement for their toddlers. For more information, visit the company’s website or blog.

About Kelley Hart Creations: Using vintage textiles, as well as the finest new fabrics, Kelley Hart designs charming clothing and accessories for babies and children. These unique clothes for girls and boys are handmade in the USA, with special attention to detail. Though many of these creations are one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted from antique tablecloths, chenille bedspreads and vintage bark cloth, all are practical, versatile and washable. Kelley Hart Creations are as special and unique as the little ones who enjoy them.

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